1) When I See You 5:38

2) All Else Fades 4:09

3) Short Of Breath 3:51

4) The Creator 3:51

5) I Give You All 4:54

6) Lead Me Home 2:51

After an agonizing half hour trying to remember how to take a screenshot (okay, maybe "agonizing" is a bit much), I finally had proof that I'd invited my friends to become a Facebook fan (did I say "become a fan"? I meant "like"....whatever!) of Nine O Five. The reason for this little exercise? It snagged me a digital copy of their EP.

A worship band hailing from Port Perry, Ontario, Nine O Five recently appeared with Starfield at their home church, Carruthers Creek Community Church (C4) in Ajax for a free concert (which, before you ask, I did NOT see....I'm just passing on some trivia.) Band members include siblings Josh and Stephanie McCabe, Tim Mann, Tom Lang, and James Watts

From the awe expressed in "Short Of Breath" to the complete surrender of "I Give You All", this EP is solid all the way through. Josh McCabe's vocals are heartfelt and emotional, and the music ranges from reverent to joyous. However, "Lead Me Home" is a little abruptly ended, and at some points echoes "In Christ Alone" musically. If you like Our Heart's Hero, Tenth Avenue North, Hillsong United and/or Starfield, you might enjoy Nine O Five. You can get "All Else Fades" and "I Give You All" for FREE @ http://www.purevolume.com/nineofive. They're easily the 2 best tracks on this album.



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