Today I'd like to introduce you to As One. The Surrey, BC band recently put out a nine-track album that was recorded live at Relate Church and released at their youth conference in late April.

Listening to the album, I found three stand out songs: "You Came", "Hope" and "Alive". I love the chorus of "Hope", but maybe it's because I have a weakness for 3 line patterns. ("My strength found in Jesus/The hope of nations/Salvation has come to this place") The same is true of "Alive"; it's a declaration that "I won't forget what You've done". We really need to be reminded of His great sacrifice, and although there's many songs that serve to do so, we can always use more. Sometimes all it takes is the right combination of words and music at the right time.

The one track I didn't like as much was "All Things". There's too much "I" and not enough "we". The verses apart from the chorus could have come from any inspirational song about overcoming obstacles. Which would have been alright if it wasn't supposed to be a worship song. And I'm not sure whether the vocalist on this one had a cold or that's his regular voice. (Sorry.)

In the end, As One will be enjoyed by anyone who likes the style that Hillsong United has made famous, although you won't find any deep prophecy references. (Maybe next time? I hear they want to put out an EP.)


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